Speech disorders sign and causes information

Speech disorders sign and causes information

About speech disorders:

Speech Disorders means communication Disorder (A disorder which affect any person communications). It affect understanding and communication gap where normal speech is disrupted, who is not able to speak they are count in mute.

Common speech affect the articulation,voice tone ,pitch,volume and  stuttering ,cluttering. It affect anyone children as well as adults. As soon as possible treatment is better for this kind of person .

5 Sign of speech disorders:

  • Your child can’t understand what does you say.
  • Your child say only few words on 2 year age.
  • Your child not interact with other people.
  • shuttering sign when your child take few second in a one word is it the sign of disorders.
  • Your child does not react your speech.
  • can’t eye contact with other.

Causes of speech disorders:

Speech disorders affects your vocal cords and mussels.

  • Vocal cords
  • Weakness in muscles
  • The cause of this is damage your brain
  • Storks
  • Voice quality

Type of speech desoder

Fluency : Fluency is the speech disorder when you want to something say and your word is break and flow of speech just like shuttering.

Voice : voice is the desoder of your vocal cord and loudness and pitch just example throat and cancer decrease your voice and your pitch.and it make you more difficult to say anything.

Articulation : articulation is the distortion or absence of voice just example its trouble pronouncing blending sound just like sp  just child have a trouble to say incorrectly pronouncing spaghetti as a thapagheeti.

Therapy of speech disorders:

  • You may be refers to the speech therapy for your child a more appropriately termed a problem of speech disorders. Slp(speech language pathologist ) help your child for speech and hearing and swallowing.

Speech disorders sign and causes information

List below Some of the therapy of speech disorders.

  • Late talker: when your child late talker so the therapist is like try to different thing to make encourage your child to talk.
  • Swallowing: A speech therapist may help to your child with swallowing  difficulty  by assistance them with exercise on mouth strong and tongue movement and improve chewing.
  • Aphasia: aphasia is cause of difficulty of speaking of  sort time of damaged brain the condition of listening and writing.
  • Group therapy: to improve skill in conversational way.
  • Apraxia: your child knows what they want to say but they can’t so the speech therapy is qualified the evaluated to your child for apraxia by using several test.

 How to get rid of speech disorders:

Eye contact : eye contact is very good for your child it makes to improve their speech and voice. It better way that you give some time your child to talk with eye contact you say your child to watching someone  face then talk with eye contact it important.

  • Be a good listener and and don’t end the  words when your child is stuck: be a best partner for your child if your child want to share something with you and can’t say properly so take them time and encourage them when they try to something share with you.
  • Give time: it’s good when you give time to your child  if that possible to give a specific time when you relaxed and talk with your child on  a proper way share some story and playing with them it’s improve their speech.
  • Helping in story: helping your child when they stuck in the story so take time and say to your child what’s going on in the story and helping them for speaking well.

Treatment for Speech Disorders

Various treatment available in market but obviously treatment depends on patient which kind of speech disorders.Speech Therapist help in muscle-strengthening exercise for the throat as well as face and you can learn way to practice smoother, more fluent speech.

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