Product Packaging, Why Is It Important? You Should Know Why

Product Packaging, Why Is It Important? You Should Know Why

Roughly almost a hundred percent of new products face failure and the main reason for it is that most customers make their first impression to whether or not buy a certain product by how it looks like especially with its own packaging.

This is why your product’s packaging is tremendously important and the product itself should be able to virtually communicate with its true purpose and what your brand stands for and what do you want to serve to your customer.

In case you do not know, packaging is a very powerful tool because it tells your customers why they should patronize your product and it also tells your brand in a way that the customers are convinced that packed inside that box or plastic container is a good-quality product because it is nicely packed and sealed thanks to its quality packaging.

There are a lot of startups have mastered the packaging methods by giving another level of experience for consumers just by unboxing their products. If you notice, a lot of global brands nowadays pay attention to its packaging, and remarkably a lot of people spend their time unboxing the products that they received because it adds a lot of excitement to them and there is a psychological explanation to it that the more intricate and special the packaging of a product is, the more the consumers also feel special to themselves that it creates a sense of satisfaction that the money they spent for that product is of total worth.

Having great packaging is very significant especially if you are running a startup because of the impact it creates on the sale and your company’s overall impression and appeal.

A lot of brands, especially startups do not know that packaging can be very influential to a company’s growth in its sales. There were surveys that were published that found out that companies who dedicate smaller of their time improving their packages had a poor annual sale, although its products are of high-quality.

Poor packaging can create a bad effect on your company. The product packaging Australia has been taken seriously after it implemented a plain packaging for tobacco packs. The Australian government ordered to remove the packaging branding rights which are focused to drive people from smoking. This means that tobacco brands have no longer rights to use its logos but instead, it was covered with health warnings and numerous diseases associated with smoking. In return, smoking decreased in Australia dramatically.

If you want to improve your packaging design and create an impact on your customers, you should know your demographics first. This means that you should know your market. If your company manufactures food, try coming up with a clean, stylish and appealing packaging which has a picture of the food product inside.

Try making it look like personalized because good packaging does not have to be expensive, but instead, it should be stylish, colorful, and can be used after unboxing a product. Use simple cards with muted colors and use also stylish typography for the name and the label.


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