Philippines lottery games for getting high payouts

The online lottery games are becoming a famous one in Philippines over recent years due to high payouts and other reasons. In fact, they allow players to receive more jackpots with high success rates. 6/42 Lotto is one of the oldest games hosted by Philippine Charity Sweepstake Office (PCSO) enabling players to receive huge prizes. However, there are some changes made in the game during the recent years to satisfy the needs of gamblers. The lottery makes feasible ways to snatch the jackpots easily when compared to other ones.

How to play 6/42 lotto?

6/42 lotto is a standard numerical lottery and the drawings take place three times per week. A player has to pick six numbers from a pool of 42 by making 20 Pesos (Philippines currency) for a single entry. On the other hand, players can even choose multiple system entries which increase the winning chances. Anyone who is 18 or older is eligible to participate in a drawing. Currently, the lottery tickets are available in authorized PCSO outlets. In addition, the lottery has an inexpensive system entry which features 7 numbers and players have to pay 140 Pesos.

6/42 lotto prizes

6/42 lotto offers minimum guaranteed jackpot to players. In fact, it is a pari-mutuel game where the prizes are equally distributed when the number of winners is high. The first prize is at least 6 million and players have to match 6 numbers. A player can know the winning numerical combinations from different sources which will help a lot to ensure high success rates. Anyone who won a prize has to follow a simple procedure to claim the amount with ease. The prizes are totally tax-free and players should pay 20% of the income tax after winning them.

Where to know the results?

Players who want to know the lotto result today 6/42 can visit the PCSO portfolio which is available in leading websites. They will publish the latest results and players can gather more information about them by going to the top menu. Another thing is that a player can get ideas about the hottest numbers that can help to accomplish goals while playing a game. There are some websites which feature a results archive. It is advisable for the players to follow the rules and regulations strictly when playing the lottery.

How to buy 6/42 lotto tickets?

It is not possible to buy 6/42 lotto tickets online and players should aware of scams. Players must double check the addresses of PCSO venues to make sure that they have chosen a legitimate one. The terms and conditions of lottery may vary from one country to another country and players should learn about them in detail before creating an account. Those who match five of the six numbers will get a prize up to 25,000 Pesos. If no winner is available for a respective drawing then, PCSO will roll over towards next drawing. Lotto 6/42 provides more flexibility to players while playing a game to ensure a perfect gaming experience.


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