It’s time to get rid of that pesky pet hair!

Do you have pets? Dogs or cats? Well I do, and you now what I find a pain in the ass? Well it’s the hair, the hair on the couch, on my clothes, on the carpets, anywhere they are capable to leave hair they will. And it is annoying, no matter how many times you tend to wash it you can never get all of it off. It’s like a curse, but what are you going to do, you adore them too much to let them go. So what’s the best option to remove it? You could get a vacuum, the best vacuum for pet hair will surely get all the hair out.

What do you need to consider before buying a vacuum?

When you are choosing a vacuum to clean all of that pet hair up there are a couple of things that you have to consider. Like you need to choose it on which type of animal you have. Some breeds shed more hair than others, and you need a vacuum based on this. Also consider the floor area too, get a smaller one if you have less space and a bigger one if you have more space. With this the floor types need to be taken into consideration, and finally consider your budget, you don’t want to go over budget.

What is the best?

There are plenty of vacuums, but the best vacuum for pet hair is the Roomba, there are several models of the Roomba. They are Roomba S9+, the Roomba I7+. The Roomba 960, Roomba E5, and the Roomba 690. The first three are the more advanced and high powered ones, they have recharge, and resumes cleaning, and excluding the Roomba 960 the other two are capable of automatic dirt disposal. They have IMPRINT and SMART mapping technology. If you want the best out of all of them the best option is to choose the Roomba S9+. But if you want the cheapest option the Roomba 690 would be the best option. The Roomba I7+ however has advanced features, and has a balanced price as well. So you could consider that to be your next best investment for your pets and you.

How much will it cost?

These vacuums can be pretty costly, especially is you are getting the best one which is then most advanced in technology and has the most features like the Roomba S9+ will cost you $950 which is extremely high for a vacuum. The mid range prices can range from $300 to about $650. But the low budget and cheaper ones will be just above $150 and can increase from there on.


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