Cooking In National Parks: Safety Tips

Cooking In National Parks: Safety Tips

When you head out on an RV rental adventure where you will be staying in national parks, you are destined for sights and experiences you won’t soon forget. There are a lot of things to consider before hitting the road, including what equipment to bring and making sure that your route is mapped out. Of course you are going to consider your food needs and make sure that you have the needed food items and cooking equipment with you, but one thing many travelers fail to adequately focus on is cooking safety. For any traveler who will be staying at national parks on their mission, cooking safety is incredibly important. Due to this you will want to focus on cooking safety during your stays. Below you can find some tips to follow to make sure you are cooking safely

Don’t Leave Waste Behind

Of course you can cook any type of food you want and cook it to your tastes, but always have a plan set out ahead of time for your waste. This includes packaging, grease, discarded condiments, and anything that will not be consumed or thrown away. Bring bags that won’t leak and make sure to use the designated trash receptacles available at most campsites. Courteous camping means being clean and leaving nothing behind.

Keep In Mind: Food Smells Attract Animals

Don’t forget that food smells do attract animals, Many of these animals you definitely don’t want around. This includes everything from pesky raccoons to truly dangerous bears depending on the location of your campground. This is why it is incredibly important to collect your trash, any excess grease, and to clean up after your meals. Just because you are in a campground doesn’t mean your food smells won’t attract animals that you and your fellow campers aren’t going to want around.

Know Your Grill Safety

Speaking of propane, whether you have a charcoal or propane grill along on your RV rental, it is going to be important to practice the utmost safety. Many parks have stringent rules and regulations when it comes to propane tanks, so make sure to check the fine print before you bring your power grill into the park. No matter the grill type, always be sure to clear out any surrounding shrubs, leaves, dead grass, etc. that may catch on fire due to a spark or simply from generated heat. Make sure the grill is on level ground and weighted down so there is no chance of tipping. Also make sure that after you are done using the grill you leave time for it to cool down and place it away properly before going to bed. Each year there are plenty of fires that take place due to improper grill safety, so make sure not to become a statistic and use your grill properly each time.

Keep Your Supplies In Order

Space is always a consideration when it comes to campervan travel. Since you don’t have unlimited space, you aren’t going to want to sacrifice important equipment and gear by overstuffing your vehicle with food items. On each trip make sure to take note of the items you don’t use. This includes both cooking equipment and food items that just aren’t “hits” on the road. By eliminating these from your next trip you will be able to make room for needed gear.

Utilize Campfires

Although it is perfectly fine to bring along a grill for your cooking pleasure, don’t forget about a good old fashioned campfire. A traditional fire works well for a variety of different dishes from simple beans and rice to elaborately cooked steaks and fish. Plus, campfires can be much safer than traveling with propane grills. As a matter of fact, you can save yourself lots of room and hassle by ditching the grill altogether and taking the traditional route that has kept campers fed for centuries. This will also eliminate some of the potential hazards that come with the use of propane tanks. One of the top reasons for accidents when it comes to cooking on a camping trip is the misuse or malfunctioning of propane tanks, so camping with a traditional campfire will save you this worry.

Staying safe while camping in national parks comes down to being smart and knowing the important tips that will keep you out of harm’s way. Cooking is easily the top activity that leads to harmful incidents including fires, explosions, and other harmful aspects. Fortunately, all of this can be avoided when RV rental travelers just keep in mind a number of simple tips to utilize when cooking in the outdoors. This will help to keep you safe and also well fed on your journey, so definitely take the time to learn your cooking safety tips.


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