7 Common Misconceptions about Construction Companies

7 Common Misconceptions about Construction Companies

Many young people who are choosing their career paths are skeptical about choosing a career in the construction industry. This is because there are many misconceptions about careers in the construction industry. These myths prevent them from choosing a worthwhile and rewarding career that gives long term job satisfaction.

No College Education or Skill is required

The notion that construction workers do not require formal education is a myth. Most employees in construction companies have a college education that makes them skilled tradesmen. They also undergo continuing education courses. The industry is very competitive and unless the construction worker has advanced skills it is very difficult to get a job.

Construction Careers are Suitable only for Men

Women have proved to be excellent construction workers and have provided skilled services for the construction industry. Women work as plumbers and electricians. Women also serve as managers and team-leaders in the construction industry. Statistics published by The United State Department of Labor in 2010 has shown that more than 800,000 women work in the construction industry in the US.

Working in Construction is Dangerous.

One of the main reasons why young people and their parents avoid a career in the construction industry is the myth that it is a dangerous career. Government safety standards set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has made construction companies keep the workplace safe for their workforce.

7 Common Misconceptions about Construction Companies

Little Opportunity to Succeed

Construction projects are worth millions of dollars. The industry is involved in building luxury residences, hotels, resorts, roads, bridges and, transportation systems. Construction workers can update their skills and increase their income continuously. They can also start their own company and become millionaires. They can start a company that supplies products and services to the construction industry and earn a high income. VJS Construction Services was named one of the top places to work.

It is a career for Dummies

Work in the construction industry needs specific skills and hard work. The workforce has to undergo extensive training including on-the-job training programs, vocational and technical programs and, apprenticeships. Some construction careers require a four-year college degree. All levels of construction workers enjoy a lucrative and satisfying career.

The Construction Industry harms the Environment

All buildings and other construction projects are undertaken with the environment in view. Renewable energy systems are used during construction and installed in the building. All procedures used at different stages of the construction project require clearance from environment protection agencies and construction projects, today are completely eco-friendly.

Career to be chosen as a last resort

Careers in the construction industry are often regarded as a career to be chosen if all other career paths fail. Most construction workers have chosen their career path after carefully weighing the benefits of pursuing a satisfying and lucrative career. A career in the construction industry opens up many lucrative and satisfying opportunities.

A career in the construction industry offers a wide range of diverse opportunities. One can continue to learn new skills and enjoy a rewarding and interesting career.


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